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Burmese Monks who fled to US a vanishing breed

Burmese monks were beaten, jailed and killed while protesting Myanmar’s military regime in 2007, and dozens found refuge in America.

But now most have been forced to swap their saffron-colored robes for blue-collar workwear and abandon their monkhood out of a need to scratch out a living in their adopted land. [full article here]


Rainbow Salad at Little Yangon in Daly City

Right on the border of San Francisco, on Mission Street, come in and try the Rainbow Salad:

Salad prepared with three types of noodles, green papaya, tofu, onions, cabbage, dried ground shrimp (or vegetarian), split yellow peas powder and a tamarind dressing.

Some of our other featured items in this previous post: Little Yangon Burmese cuisine

We are on Fire…

People always ask about our “Secret Sauce”, and we say it comes from love of our people, culture, and the Bay Area. If you come in and say “Ms. Tun Yum Yum”, you will get a free dessert with your order of a tea leaf salad.

Our Current Menu at Little Yangon Restaurant in Daly City.

Burmese Chicken-Coconut Soup

We really think our coconut chicken soup is great and would love everyone who is near Daly City to stop in and try it. We know that’s not always possible, so here is a link to a similar recipe: Enjoy!

See our current menu HERE.

**Another great Daly City business: Clear Vision Eyecare on Mission Street.


Attention all students: If you want some Burmese food sprinkled with WI- FI. Please drop by Little Yangon, located at the Top of the Hill Daly City.

See our current menu HERE.

**Another great Daly City business: Clear Vision Eyecare on Mission Street.

Escape to Burma

When you come into to Little Yangon we want you to explore the joys of Burma. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2QnS9iw0vU

What Burmese dish do you Prefer?

We at Little Yangon really need your help. We are asking all Burmese Food Connoisseurs to help us with some additions we want to make to our “Special’s Menu”. As you know we are authentic and we want to know what you like and want.

See our current menu HERE.

**Another great Bay Area business: Lonora Gold in SSF.

Daly City

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