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Little Yangon has fine mix of flavors

The lowly yellow split pea enjoys superstar status at Daly City’s Little Yangon. Battered and fried into flat cakes, it provides a lively crunch in soups. Ground into powder, it adds subtle texture to noodle salads. Made into tofu, it has a tongue-teasing, almost gritty texture and a lovely saffron hue.

The Burmese restaurant tosses together humble ingredients like the pea to create tempting salads, soups, curries and stir-fries – a cuisine that has borrowed from neighboring India, China and Thailand, yet asserts its own brand of gastronomy.[Full Article Here]


What Are the Customs of Burma?

Thinking of planning a trip to Burma?. Here’s a great travel article on their customs, especially when it comes to eating. [Full article here]

Little Yangon, Authentic Burmese in Daly City

Check out this great review on on Chow Hound that was posted in Nov 2009, other people have commented on this favorably as recently as March 2010. It’s interesting to see people conversing about the original positive review, with their own positive reviews. Here is the first post that started the whole conversation: Just ate here this week, Fantastic food, friendly service, extensive menu. Open 10-10 everyday. This place puts the Burmese restaurants in SF to shame and is filled with local Burmese immigrants. They also sell Tea Leaves and other Burmese products. Anyone else been? [Full Review Here]

Burmese dishes at Little Yangon Restaurant in Daly City

come in and try some of signature dishes at Little Yangon restuarant on the Daly City/San Francisco border on Mission Street. You won’t be disappointed!

Some of our dishes:
Kew Soi Dok – Noodles tossed with cucumbers, potatoes, taramind sauce, dried shrimp, cabbage & garlic chips
ToFu Salad – one of our most popular vegetarian dishes
Moh Hinga – Burmese style fish chowder with rice noodles, lemongrass, ginger, onion & garlic

Our Current Menu at Little Yangon Restaurant in Daly City.

Top 15 Dishes in Burma

Great blog post and excellent photos:


We are certain the writer isn’t referring to our place when saying they had lackluster Burmese food in San Francisco. But, if you are in the area, come in and try it out for yourself 🙂

Our Current Menu at Little Yangon in Daly City

New reviews of Little Yangon on Yelp!

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who bring joy to our world by visiting Little Yangon Burmese restaurant in Daly City/SF on a regular basis…and to all the Yelpers spreading kind words about us as well: New Yelp Reviews of Little Yangon.

Our Current MENU for Little Yangon.

Daly City

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Top of the Hill Parking

There are two parking lots for all your parking needs :)!!

See our current menu HERE.

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