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Burmese Monks who fled to US a vanishing breed

Burmese monks were beaten, jailed and killed while protesting Myanmar’s military regime in 2007, and dozens found refuge in America.

But now most have been forced to swap their saffron-colored robes for blue-collar workwear and abandon their monkhood out of a need to scratch out a living in their adopted land. [full article here]


Food … A weapon of War?!?! The Karen peoples of Burma

Informative blog post about the Karen peoples of Burma:

For the most part I believe in clichés. I mean they are clichés for a reason right? Cleanliness is a state of mind, Live and Learn, What goes around comes around . . . etc. These are inherent truths to me. But one cliché that has been standing out as a glaring falsity lately is “All is fair in love and war”…[Full Article Here]

Home is Where the Heart is: Migrant Workers Struggle to Support Families Inside Burma

Some people say, “Home is where the heart is.” That the case for Nag Lin Lin (not her real name), a young Burmese woman who lives and works in Bangkok, but, wants desperately to live at home with her family in Kyeik Don, sub-township in Kawka Reik township, in Karen State.

But, like many young Burmese, she has to continue working in Thailand to help support her family financially, because they are unable to meet the rising cost of living at home…[Read the Full Article Here]